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Jihad to Jesus - Biography of Militant Muslim Jerry Rassamni in Telugu

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Author: Jerry RassamniBinding: PaperbackRelease Date: 01-12-2011Details: What caused an ex-militant Muslim who fought Christians during the Lebanese Civil War to leave his baggage of hatred behind and learn to love his enemies? The author was a militant Muslim who...
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Role of Christian Missionaries in the Making of Modern India (ఆధుని...

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Author: Puritigadda Suresh BabuBinding: PaperbackRelease Date: 01-12-2021EAN: 9788194589747Languages: Telugu
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పోరాడండి! (AS Ranjeet Ophir Books Book 10)

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Author: Apostle. Dr. Ranjeet Ophir A SBinding: PaperbackRelease Date: 01-12-2019Details: పరలోకంలో గొర్రెపిల్ల వివాహమహోత్సవ ఏర్పాట్లు చురుకుగా జరిగిపోతున్నాయి భూమి మీద సంఘ కన్యక అజాగ్రత్తపరురాలై అసత్యబోధల స్తంభమై భ్రష్టుపట్టిపోతోంది ఈ భ్రష్టత్వంపై యుద్దానికి, దేవుని సేనలను తరలించడానికి పరి ...Languages: Telugu
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Author: Dr. P. Satish kumarBinding: HardcoverRelease Date: 01-12-2019Details: 659 TELUGU SONGS AND ENGLISH 200 BOTH OLD AND NEW SONGS ARE ADDED .VERY USEFUL FOR WORSHIP . PUBLISHED AND PRINTED BY: Dr.P satishkumar Calvary temple HYDERBADLanguages: Telugu
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రూతు గ్రంథము Bible study - Book of Ruth -Telugu

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Author: H L HicoupBinding: PaperbackRelease Date: 01-12-2011Details: Bible study and commentary on the book of Ruth in TeluguLanguages: Telugu
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Aakhari Rojulu (Last Days)

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Author: G PaulFeatures: Language Published:TeluguBinding: PaperbackRelease Date: 01-12-2011Details: From the prophecies, you'll see disasters in the last days are signs of the Lord's return. This book describes in detail about the last days as mentioned in the Bible. Visit...
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వేయి వాగ్దానములు 1000 vagdhanamulu - 1000 promises in Telugu

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Author: BibleBinding: PaperbackRelease Date: 01-12-2011Details: 1000 promises from the Holy Bible, compiled in TeluguLanguages: Telugu
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అంధ్ర క్రైస్తవ కీర్తనలు - andhra kraistava keertanalu

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Author: andhra kraistava keertanaluBinding: HardcoverRelease Date: 01-12-2021Languages: Telugu
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పరిశుద్ద దేవుని గూర్చిన జ్ఞానమ (AS Ranjeet Ophir Books Book 2)

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Author: Apostle. Dr. Ranjeet Ophir A SFeatures: Language Published: TeluguBinding: PaperbackRelease Date: 01-12-2019Details: దేవుని ఉనికినీ, వ్యక్తిత్వాన్ని గూర్చిన సకల వివాదాలకు అంతిమ పరిష్కారం. దేవుని వెతుకుతున్నవారు అడిగే ప్రతి ప్రశ్నకూ దేవుని తుది జవాబు.... పరిశుద్ద దేవుని గూర్చిన జ్ఞానమ!!! ఈ గ్రంధము దేవుడు వ్రాయించిన ప ...Package...
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అసత్యాన్ని ఖండించే ఆత్మ ఖడ్గం(Counter To Karunakar Sugguna)

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Author: R KRANTHI KUMARFeatures: Krantikumar books Language Published: Telugu Binding: HardcoverRelease Date: 01-12-2019Details: Part-1 Part-2 Combo 2 bookLanguages: Telugu
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Prasanga Pradeepika Part 5 & Part 6 (Telugu) COMBO

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Author: Rev. E. A. DanielEdition: 4thBinding: PaperbackRelease Date: 01-12-2014Details: Prasanga Pradeepika Part 5 & 6 Telugu Language, sermon outlines with 15 points and further study for each sermon, a good book for upcoming pastors and leaders.Languages: Telugu
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Answers For Your Marriage (Telugu)

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Author: Bruce Britten, Carol BrittenFeatures: Language Published: TeluguBinding: PaperbackRelease Date: 01-12-2019Details: Answers for your Marriage deals with the serious questions and issues related to love, sex and child-raising. It will be a helpful guide to the people who plan...